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We were called in to build this multi language e-commerce store that sells speciality Norwegian meat products. Languages This site runs in Norwegian, English and German.


We were engaged to make this site multi territory, multiple territories using English but with different content.


We were called in to setup this charitable trusts multi lingual functionality. Languages - Italina, French, German and English


We were engaged to recode the custom comments code of the sites theme to allow comments from all languages to appear on any blog post. In addition we coded up a solution to the custom menu system so we could have different menus per language.


We were called in to add additional languages to this product orientated website. Lanvguages - English and Simplified Chinese


We were engaged to make this Swiss wine site run across multiple languages. The site owner has done 90% of the work but had some sticking points with automatic redirection based on language, resetting the default language to German and some home page post items not displaying,


We were called in to help on development with this chamber of commerce site from Dubai.


We were engaged to provide custom coding for this very complex multi language multi currency website.


We were called in to setup this property website from the Netherlands and make it multi-language.. Languages - Dutch and English


Neil quickly fixed a WordPress problem that was WAY over my head and was causing me serious grief. Since he is a WordPress expert, he had encountered my problem before. I highly recommend his services and will absolutely use him again if the need arises.

I highly recommend Neil. Nothing but good things to say about my experience with him: professional, responsive, direct, efficient. In addition to his obvious technical abilities, Neil also proved to be highly ethical in managing a change in specs. A great professional all around.

After other dudes flaking out on me or only helping me half-way, a desperate google search led me here  Now I know what it’s like to “have a guy” that I can rely on when I’m in over my head with WordPress. I would recommend him in a heartbeat. He was prompt, professional, and saved my butt, plain and simple! Thanks, Neil!

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